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The team at Falcon are specialists in supplying a range of promotional product solutions to meet your marketing and sales activities, corporate events or gift incentive schemes. Promotional products remain a very cost effective way to increase your brands image and exposure. Most of our products may be personalised in a variety of ways including Screen Print, Vinyl Print, Embroidery, Debossing or Laser Engraving. We can also design, source and produce bespoke promotional products for large marketing campaigns – subject to MOQs minimum 500 pieces

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Artwork requirements

Please supply the following: An Adobe Illustrator, EPS, GIF, BMP file Vectored/Editable with fonts and associated Pantones coupled with a PDF or JPEG for reference.Should a file supplied be deemed too low a resolution or of a poor quality then these may need to be redrawn/digitized - a redraw fee would apply.

We will supply you a pdf proof by e-mail , which will show a representative visual of your message/logo applied to the product that is reflective of the size, Pantone and positioning of the proposed branding. Please review this carefully as this is the final stage prior to production.

What are the different types of branding?

Screen Printing

The process of applying ink a colour at a time via a stencil frame and squeegee - after each colour is applied the inks are cured dry by the application of heat leaving a tough serviceable finish. Single colour screen printing is most popular and cost effective, especially when getting a message across with respect to conference folders (additional colours can be added; up to 4 colours in total).

Vinyl Print

CAD cut Vinyls are heat applied transfers with a soft matt finish. These are ideal for detailed full colour design logos/messages and offer great performance and durability. Available as a single colour of full colour options in a wide range of styles with the ability to be Pantone matched.


Embroidery is the application of stitching to a base material in array of colours (if required) Computerised embroidery machines can accommodate most messages/logos/monograms from a digitised design format to give different types of “fills” and textures. Our embroidery is carried out using strong and durable Rayon and Polyester threads. We work to a stitch count of 5,000 and 7,000 or 5cm2 and 7cm2.


This is the opposite of embossing and is the process of indenting a surface of a material, usually leather but also possible with good quality faux leathers too. A metal die is created from submitted artwork (essentially a black and white image representing highs and lows) and then stamped onto the front of the material causing depressions that leave a (debossed) imprint. You can choose to leave the debossing as it is plain(known as a blind debossed) or you can consider Foil Blocking which is the application of a metallic foil via the heated die stamping with enough pressure to seal a thin layer of foil to the chosen product.

Laser Engraving

Computer guided lasers, working to a digitised format of a clients logo/message, have the ability to effectively burn (vapourise) the surface layer of a product, leaving a unique and durable finish. Great results are achieved on leather; especially in difficult to reach areas or where debossing is just not possible.